Supporting Your Application

Three recommendations are required for most applicants to a doctoral or master’s program, and for the majority of graduate certificates.  Recommendations are not required for post-baccalaureate (non-degree) applicants.  Recommendations are done online by your recommender via your Prospective Student Portal.

Steps to Requesting Recommendations

As the applicant, please enter the names and contact information (including email addresses) in your online application, for at least three recommendation providers who are familiar with your academic and professional qualifications.  Once you save the recommender information in your online application, an email will be automatically sent to your recommenders with an access code and instructions on how to proceed.  Note: this recommendation request is sent immediately regardless of whether you have completed the online application.

Your recommendation providers submit their recommendation through by completing a short online form in your Prospective Student Portal.  They may also upload a personalized recommendation through the online system. Recommendations sent to the Graduate School in any other format, including surface mail and email, will not be processed.  If a person has already prepared a recommendation on your behalf, please ask them to upload an electronic copy to the online form.

You will be able to update a recommendation provider’s title, employer, address, phone number or email address if, after submitting the information, you realize that you made an error.  If you wish to add or delete a recommendation provider, you may do so PRIOR to submitting the online application and paying the processing fee by clicking the “Add” or “Remove” button at the bottom of each recommendation form.

You can verify that recommendations have been submitted and thus received by the Graduate School, by signing into your Prospective Student Portal where the status of each recommendation is provided.

Recommendation Reminders

You may send email reminders to recommendation providers directly from your online application.  Log into the prospective student portal using your User ID and password, click on “Application for Admission” and then click on the recommendation you wish to edit.  At the bottom of the recommendation, click the ‘Resend’ button to send a reminder to the recommendation provider to complete and submit the recommendation.

Applying to Multiple Programs

Recommendations must be submitted online by your recommendation provider for each program of study to which you make application for admission.

Sometimes, depending on the type of computer and browser a person is using, the online recommendation submission process does not work.  In these cases, you can suggest that the recommendation provider try to access the system using Internet Explorer.