English (MA)

The Master of Arts in English offers concentrations in literature, children's literature, linguistics, English for specific purposes, composition/rhetoric, English education, technical and professional writing, and creative writing. We also have a new M.A./M.F.A. dual degree program with Kingston University London (accreditation pending). Our students graduate to pursue successful careers in commerce and education, or to move forward into the very best doctoral programs nationwide.

Ethics and Applied Philosophy (MA)

The graduate program in Ethics and Applied Philosophy aims to deepen students’ understanding and mastery of historical and contemporary philosophical traditions. The student is invited to engage their graduate philosophical training with pressing societal issues. Our faculty’s research areas, and our close relationship with the Center for Professional and Applied Ethics, together provide unparalleled opportunity for our master’s and certificate students to augment their existing professional skills or train for further work in philosophy or other fields.

Fire Protection & Safety Management (MS)

The Master of Science in Fire Protection and Administration opens the door to many exciting and challenging professional careers. The Department of Engineering Technology and Construction Management at UNC Charlotte is committed to providing the environment and expertise to ensure that its graduates make substantive contributions in their professional endeavors after graduation, both in the areas of technical proficiency and community involvement.

Foreign Language Education (MAT)

Led by award-winning faculty (see, the Department of Middle, Secondary and K-12 Education offers a 2-phase Master of Arts and Teaching (M.A.T) in Foreign Language Education to address the shortage of qualified foreign language teachers in the United States, and to help prepare future foreign language teacher leaders. Phase 1 of the program (the Graduate Certificate Program in Foreign Language Education) involves a 6-course sequence and full-time internship in a K-12 foreign language classroom, serves to prepare current and aspiring K-12 teachers of Spanish, French, and German to be effective and dynamic practitioners, and leads to a K-12 license to teach in Spanish, French, or German. Upon completion of The Graduate Certificate (Phase 1), candidates can then apply to the M.A.T program (Phase 2), which involves an additional 6 courses, and leads to an M-license. Become the teacher you have always wanted to be and earn a master’s degree in the process.

Geography (MA)

The Master of Arts in Geography emphasizes the application of geographic skills, methods, and theory to problem solving in contemporary society. To this end, students are offered a solid foundation in research methods, problem formulation and solution, quantitative methods, computer applications and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Faculty and students are active in the community and students are encouraged to complete their programs with either funded or unfunded internships in the private or public sector.

Health Administration (MHA)

The UNC Charlotte Master of Health Administration (MHA) Program develops healthcare leaders prepared to advance health equity and well-being in an urbanizing world. We pursue our mission through education, research, and service that: >Gives students the knowledge, skills, and values needed to lead dynamic health systems. >Creates knowledge needed to lead people and organizations providing health services. >Increases the diversity of health services leaders, with a special emphasis on individuals and groups historically underrepresented in graduate education. >Promotes the public's health.

Health Informatics and Analytics (MS)

The UNC Charlotte Health Informatics and Analytics Program develops practitioners who bridge data sciences and analytics in support of optimal population health. It leverages its position within the university’s new School of Data Science and capitalizes on the strength of its parent colleges, Health and Human Services and Computing and Informatics, to prepare national and international students to advance the professional practice of health informatics through a thorough grounding in data science, system architecture, and health analytics. We provide qualified and motivated students from a variety of disciplines, levels of experience, and backgrounds – with a special emphasis on individuals and groups historically underrepresented in graduate education – the knowledge, skills, and abilities to become exemplary practitioners of and advocates for health informatics.

History (MA)

Within the three main geographic fields of the United States, Europe, and Latin America, the History Department has particular strengths in the history of: African Diaspora and African-Americans, from slavery to civil rights; Old and New South; War and Peace from the 16th century to the present; Business/Technology/Medicine/Environment and Urban History. A specialization in Public History, with a focus on new media, is also offered.

Information Technology (MS)

The Master of Science in Information Technology is designed to equip students with advanced skills and knowledge in the planning, design, implementation, testing and evaluation, deployment, maintenance, and management of applications and systems, that embody information and communication technologies for their proper functioning. These skills form necessary foundations for solving practical problems that arise in business, industrial, governmental, and other organizations, as well as for pursuing doctoral studies in information technologies. Current areas of concentration include: Advanced Data and Knowledge Discovery, Design, Emerging Technologies, Human-Computer Interaction, Information Security and Privacy, Information Technology Management, Software Systems Design and Engineering, and Web Development.

Kinesiology (MS)

The Master of Science in Kinesiology prepares graduate students to advance the fields of Kinesiology through evidenced-based patient care and translational research. The program emphasizes basic and clinical interdisciplinary education and research in areas of Kinesiology. The program has two concentrations within the that include a clinical (non-thesis) and research (thesis) degree option.