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Chemistry (MS)

A Master of Science in Chemistry prepares students for careers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, food, and power industries. A master’s degree in Chemistry may also serve as a useful step toward professions such as medicine, pharmacy, industrial hygiene, and patent law, or toward more advanced study in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and other scientific and engineering disciplines.

Program Webpage http://chemistry.uncc.edu/programs-study/graduate-programs
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Markus Etzkorn
Graduate Program Director Email: metzkorn@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-1468
Name on GradAdmissions Website: Ms. Deborah Howard
Email on GradAdmissions Website: dhowar30@uncc.edu
Phone # on GradAdmissions Website: 704-687-5951

Child & Family Studies (MED)

The Master of Education in Child and Family Studies: Early Education (M.Ed.) prepares professionals for leadership positions that serve young children with and without disabilities and their families. It is conveniently designed for prospective students who wish to pursue an advanced degree on a part-time basis. The graduate degree program is for professionals who teach or provide services or intervention in infant, toddler, preschool and kindergarten settings that include young children with and without disabilities; who administer family agency programs that have a child development and family relations focus; who work as consultants, parent educators, inclusion specialists, program coordinators, supervisors, and staff development trainers; who wish to pursue certification as a Child Life Specialist (through the Child Life Council); or who seek research and evaluation expertise in child and family studies and community leadership in child and family programs.

Program Webpage http://spcd.uncc.edu/child-and-family-development/med-program
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Katherine Swart
Graduate Program Director Email: kjmccab1@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-8841

Child & Family Studies: Early Childhood Education (Birth – Kindergarten) (MAT)

Become the teacher you have always wanted to be and earn a master’s degree in the process. UNC Charlotte’s Master of Arts in Teaching programs allow students to become a self-reflective master teacher, in addition to developing advanced competencies as a teacher-researcher and a teacher-leader.

Program Webpage http://spcd.uncc.edu/child-and-family-development/mat-child-and-family-studies-plan-study
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Katherine Swart
Graduate Program Director Email: kjmccab1@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-8841

Civil Engineering (MSCE)

The Master of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering offers graduate studies in five areas of concentration: environmental and water resources engineering, geo-environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering and materials, and transportation engineering. Areas of focus include Environmental, Geo-Environmental, Bio-Environmental, Structural, Transportation, Forensics, Sustainable Design, Energy, and Land Development.

Program Webpage http://cee.uncc.edu/graduate-program
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Srinivas Pulugurtha
Graduate Program Director Email: sspulugurtha@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-1233

Cognitive Science (CERT)

The skills acquired by Cognitive Science students are applicable in many career fields, particularly those associated with the information industry including telecommunications, information processing, medical analysis, data representation and retrieval, education, scientific research and multimedia design. Cognitive Science graduates can apply their skills to positions in human factors and computer-human interactions, artificial intelligence (creating computer systems that demonstrate what appears to be intelligent behavior), human performance testing, education, and neurological testing.

Program Webpage http://cognisci.uncc.edu/academic-programs/graduate-certificate-program
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Paula Goolkasian
Graduate Program Director Email: pagoolka@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-1335
Discipline(s): , ,

Communication Studies (MA)

The graduate program in Communication Studies is a generalist program offering courses throughout four areas of interest: Health Communication, Organizational Communication, Rhetoric/Critical Media Studies/Cultural Studies, and Public Relations/International Public Relations. This allows the program to be crafted to meet specific needs and interests of the student. Classes can be combined across interest areas to focus on personalized interest areas such as Risk Communication, Global and International Communication, Social Advocacy, Healthcare Groups and Teams, Healthcare Organizations, or Organizational Narratives.

Program Webpage http://gradcomm.uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Christine Davis
Graduate Program Director Email: Christine.S.Davis@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-0760

Community Health (CERT)

The graduate certificate in Community Health contributes to the preparation of community and public health practitioners to take the Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) examination. The Certificate is also available to students who wish to complement an existing degree in a health profession (for example, health psychology, nursing or social work), or who wish to explore a career in public health. With a strong focus on public health education and behavioral science, UNC Charlotte’s team of accomplished researchers and teachers partner with communities advancing the art and science of public health, and preparing the next generation of practitioners, educators, researchers and scholars.

Program Webpage http://publichealth.uncc.edu/degrees-and-programs/phs-graduate-programs/graduate-certificate-community-health
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Jan Warren-Findlow
Graduate Program Director Email: jwarren1@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-7908
Discipline(s): , ,

Computer Science (MS)

The Master of Science in Computer Science provides students with advanced skills and knowledge in planning, design, implementation, testing and management of computer systems and applications. These skills form excellent foundations for doctoral study, research or teaching in Computer Science, and are necessary for dealing with problems encountered in various computer applications in business, industry, and governmental agencies for those holding related technical or managerial positions.

Program Webpage http://cs.uncc.edu/academics/masters-program
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Dewan Ahmed
Graduate Program Director Email: dahmed@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-7888

Computing and Information Systems (Ph.D.)

The Ph.D. in Computing and Information Systems program is uniquely designed to train Ph.D. students in innovative, interdisciplinary research of societal relevance centered on computing and informatics.

Program Webpage http://sis.uncc.edu/academics/phd-programs
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Manuel A. Perez Quinones
Graduate Program Director Email: Perez.Quinones@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-8553

Construction & Facilities Management (MS)

The Master of Science in Construction and Facilities Management opens the door to many exciting and challenging professional careers. The Department of Engineering Technology and Construction Management at UNC Charlotte is committed to providing the environment and expertise to ensure that its graduates make substantive contributions in their professional endeavors after graduation, both in the areas of technical proficiency and community involvement.

Program Webpage http://et.uncc.edu/graduate-programs/ms-construction-facilities-management
Graduate Program Director: Dr. John Hildreth
Graduate Program Director Email: john.hildreth@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-5040
Discipline(s): ,

Counseling (MA)

The Master’s of Arts in Counseling has two tracks; (a) A School Counseling track and (b) a Community Counseling track. While many aspects of the tracks are similar, there are some important differences. The School Counseling track prepares students to provide a variety of counseling services to children and adolescents in both public and private schools. The Community Counseling track prepares students to provide a variety of counseling services to children, adolescents, and adults through agencies, nonprofit organizations, corporations and private practice.

Program Webpage http://counseling.uncc.edu/masters-degree-counseling
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Valerie Balog
Graduate Program Director Email: vbalog@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-8268

Counselor Education and Supervision (Ph.D.)

The Ph.D. in Counseling is committed to preparing multiculturally competent, ethical, clinically skilled, and knowledgeable professionals for positions as counselor educators in university settings or as clinicians and/or counselor supervisors in schools and community settings. Students in the program strive to acquire knowledge, values, and skills that are relevant to providing quality direct service to diverse populations.

Program Webpage http://counseling.uncc.edu/doctoral-program
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Phyllis Post
Graduate Program Director Email: ppost@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-8961

Criminal Justice (MS)

The Master of Science in Criminal Justice is a social science degree. As such, students are trained in the areas of criminological theory, criminal justice policy, law and social control, research methodology and data analysis. The goal of the program is to produce graduates who can think broadly and critically about issues related to crime and the criminal justice system, and to be informed consumers as well as producers of scientific research. These skills can serve students well in many areas of the criminal justice workforce, and/or in their future endeavors in Ph.D. programs.

Program Webpage http://criminaljustice.uncc.edu/graduate-program
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Shelley Listwan
Graduate Program Director Email: slistwan@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-0751

Curriculum & Instruction (Ph.D.)

The Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction is an interdisciplinary degree involving the Departments of English; Mathematics; Middle, Secondary, and K-12 Education; Reading and Elementary Education; and many others across the UNC Charlotte campus. The program offers the following three areas of specialization, all of which emphasize the context of urban education issues: Elementary Education; Literacy; and Mathematics Education.

Program Webpage http://mdsk.uncc.edu/academic-programs/phd-ci
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Paul Fitchett
Graduate Program Director Email: paul.fitchett@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-0997

Cyber Security (MS)

The Master of Science in Cyber Security is designed to equip students with the latest knowledge and skills in Cyber Security and privacy. Graduates of the program will be employable by both businesses and governments that have important information assets to be protected from increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks. Specific educational objectives of the program include:
• A fundamental understanding of: common vulnerabilities of computing and networked systems, cyber-attacking methods, human and organizational aspects of Cyber Security, methods for compromising privacy, and risk assessment of cyber-attacks.
• Able to apply security techniques to analyze and evaluate the security risk of information systems and networks.
• Able to design information systems and networks with security controls to minimize security risks.
Students are required to complete 30 credit hours to complete the Master’s degree, of which (a) 12 are for 4 common core courses, (b) 9 are for breadth in cybersecurity, and (c) further 9 are for electives in computing and information technology. Together these components will equip students with necessary skill sets in specific areas in Cyber Security and privacy where they wish to pursue their professional career
This program may be completed in 2 years if you are enrolled as a full time student.

Program Webpage http://cci.uncc.edu/academics/masters/cyber-security-ms
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Heather Lipford
Graduate Program Director Email: richter@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-8376
Name on GradAdmissions Website: Ms. Sandra Krause
Email on GradAdmissions Website: Sandra.Krause@uncc.edu
Phone # on GradAdmissions Website: 704-687-8662