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Management of Information Technology (CERT)

The graduate certificate in Management of Information Technology provides professionals with an opportunity to advance their level of competence in the management and applications of computing and information technology through formal training. Coursework towards this graduate certificate can be used for credit towards the M.S. in Information Technology. However, its primary objective is to provide a well-defined target for students who want to advance their knowledge and skills in applying and managing information technology, but do not necessarily wish to complete all the requirements for the M.S. in Information Technology.

Program Webpage http://sis.uncc.edu/
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Heather Lipford
Graduate Program Director Email: richter@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-8376

Mathematical Finance (MS)

UNC Charlotte’s Master of Science in Mathematical Finance is nationally ranked in the top 25 by both The Financial Engineer and QuantNet. The Mathematical Finance program is a recognized STEM program housed in the Belk College of Business, which prepares students to pursue interesting careers in finance developing in depth skills in mathematics, finance, and economics. Financial institutions, investment banks, and commodities firms rely heavily on professionals with these skills to develop sophisticated mathematical models to identify, measure, and manage risk.

The Belk College of Business is accredited by AACSB International and is located in the second largest financial center in the U.S., providing students a world-class education with unique networking opportunities. Students in the Mathematical Finance Program engage in an integrated curriculum and select a concentration to tailor the program to their specific interests.

Program Webpage http://mathfinance.uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Weidong Tian
Graduate Program Director Email: wtian1@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-7702
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Mathematics (applied) (Ph.D.)

The Ph.D. degree program in Applied Mathematics is designed to enable students to master a significant body of mathematics, including a specialty in applied mathematics; relate this knowledge to a coherent area of science or engineering; and to carry on fundamental research in applied mathematics at a nationally competitive level. Recipients of this degree will, according to their abilities and choice of sub-specialty, be able to work effectively in a research and development environment involving mathematical or statistical analysis and modeling in business, government or industry; teach mathematics at the college or university level; or carry on fundamental research in their area of specialty.

Program Webpage http://math.uncc.edu/graduate-student-information/phd-applied-mathematics
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Shaozhong Deng
Graduate Program Director Email: shaodeng@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-0634

Mathematics (MS)

Mathematics: Applied, General, Applied Statistics, and Mathematics Education concentrations.The Master of Science in Mathematics is organized into four concentrations: General Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Applied Statistics, and Mathematics Education. The Concentration in General Mathematics is a robust but flexible program that allows a student to develop a broad background in Mathematics ranging over a variety of courses chosen from both pure and applied areas, or to tailor a program toward a particular focus that may not be as closely covered by the department’s other degree concentrations (e.g., one that is interdisciplinary in nature). The Concentration in Applied Mathematics develops analytical and computational skills focused toward applications of mathematics in the physical sciences as encountered in industry, government, and academia. The Concentration in Applied Statistics provides theoretical understanding of, and training in, statistical analysis and methods applicable to particular areas of business, industry, government, and academia. The Concentration in Mathematics Education is designed primarily for secondary school mathematics teachers interested in professional growth in mathematics teaching. Emphasis in this program is given to developing depth and breadth in mathematics teaching and learning, appropriate to the role of the secondary school teacher.

Program Webpage http://math.uncc.edu/graduate-student-information
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Shaozhong Deng
Graduate Program Director Email: shaodeng@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-0634

MBA Plus (post-masters) (PCER)

The MBA Plus post-master’s graduate certificate program provides an opportunity for graduates of AACSB-accredited MBA programs to broaden and update their business education. As business conditions, tools, and techniques change rapidly, the MBA Plus provides an excellent way to stay at the forefront of knowledge.

Program Webpage http://mba.uncc.edu/curriculum/mba-plus
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Gary Kohut
Graduate Program Director Email: gfkohut@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-7651
Name on GradAdmissions Website: John Jones
Email on GradAdmissions Website: jjone432@uncc.edu
Phone # on GradAdmissions Website: 704-687-0815

Mechanical Engineering (MSME)

The Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering is broad based, allowing students to develop expertise in a number of areas including metrology, precision engineering, bioengineering, motorsports and automotive engineering, energy engineering, manufacturing, thermal and fluid sciences, solid mechanics, instrument design, materials engineering and science, and mechanical control and instrumentation.

Program Webpage http://mees.uncc.edu/master-science-mechanical-engineering
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Tony Schmitz
Graduate Program Director Email: tony.schmitz@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-5086

Mechanical Engineering (Ph.D.)

The Department of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science offers multi-disciplinary programs leading to a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering in the areas of biomedical engineering, computational mechanics, materials science, motorsports and automotive engineering, and precision engineering and manufacturing.

Program Webpage http://mees.uncc.edu/phd-mechanical-engineering
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Tony Schmitz
Graduate Program Director Email: tony.schmitz@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-5086

Middle Grades Education (MAT)

Become the teacher you have always wanted to be and earn a master’s degree in the process. UNC Charlotte’s Master of Arts in Teaching programs allow students to become a self-reflective master teacher, in addition to developing advanced competencies as a teacher-researcher and a teacher-leader.

Program Webpage http://pathwaytoteaching.com
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Warren J DiBiase
Graduate Program Director Email: wjdibias@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-8881
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Middle Grades Education (MED)

Education professionals with an interest in the early adolescent learner are invited to work collaboratively with College of Education faculty and staff to identify the rewards and address the challenges found in teaching contemporary young adolescents. Those who join these middle grades education programs will graduate as reflective thinkers who have strong academic backgrounds, solid research agendas, and informed commitments to young adults. Successful graduates will possess a comprehensive pedagogical, conceptual, and reflective knowledge base that can be applied to their classrooms through a well-honed and effective skills set. This developed and applied knowledge will be shared with other professionals through a variety of leadership opportunities.

Program Webpage http://mdsk.uncc.edu/
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Jeanneine Jones
Graduate Program Director Email: jpjones@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-8875
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