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Reading Education (MED)

The Master of Education in Reading Education qualifies graduates for the North Carolina Advanced Standard Professional II teaching license in K-12 reading education. Relevant to all areas of the K-12 curriculum, this program is designed for classroom teachers and aspiring literacy specialists who are interested in improving instructional programs and practices that promote literacy among all learners.

Program Webpage http://education.uncc.edu/reel
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Adriana Medina
Graduate Program Director Email: AdrianaLMedina@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-8896

Real Estate (MS)

By engaging faculty and resources from the Belk College of Business, the Center for Real Estate, the College of Architecture, the Department of Civil Engineering, and the Department of Geography, students will enjoy a robust educational environment that will provide them with the tools to meet the full spectrum of opportunities and challenges they will face in their professional real estate careers. Students graduating from the Master of Science in Real Estate may qualify for positions such as development associates, underwriters, brokers, asset and property managers, acquisition specialists and financial analysts.

Program Webpage http://realestate.uncc.edu/academic-programs/ms-real-estate-1
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Alyson Metcalfe
Graduate Program Director Email: Ametcalfe@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-7571
Discipline(s): ,

Real Estate Finance & Development (CERT)

The graduate certificate in Real Estate Finance and Development is for individuals who wish to pursue advanced study in real estate finance and real estate development. Students take one master’s-level course in financial management and four elective courses on topics including real estate finance, development, real estate capital markets and site feasibility analysis.

Program Webpage http://mba.uncc.edu/about/certificates/real-estate-certificate
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Alyson Metcalfe
Graduate Program Director Email: Ametcalfe@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-7571

Religious Studies (MA)

The graduate program in Religious Studies is designed for students who want to pursue advanced studies in the academic study of religion while working closely with a distinguished faculty of scholars and teachers. A Master of Arts in Religious Studies serves the following constituencies: those preparing for further graduate work in Religious Studies or other humanities disciplines at the Ph.D. level; those preparing for teaching positions at community colleges or for adjunct instructor positions at colleges or universities; those preparing for professional careers in non-academic settings; or those seeking to enjoy the intellectual rewards of a liberal arts education at the graduate level.

Program Webpage http://religiousstudies.uncc.edu/
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Sean McCloud
Graduate Program Director Email: spmcclou@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-5188
Discipline(s): ,

Respiratory Care (MS)

The goal of the UNC Charlotte Masters of Science in Respiratory Care Program is to provide graduates of entry into the respiratory care professional practice programs with the additional knowledge, skills, and attributes in leadership, education, research, and advanced clinical practice both to meet their current professional goals and to prepare them for practice as master degree respiratory therapists.

Program Webpage http://kinesiology.uncc.edu/MSRC
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Joe Coyle
Graduate Program Director Email: jcoyle7@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-0859