Architecture (MS)

Text update needed. The M.Arch III and Master of Science in Computer Science or Master of Science in Information Technology dual degree program has become increasingly important to computer scientists and at the same time computation has become important to designers. This program is a unique curriculum that systematically combines the strength and insights of each discipline. As computing has matured as a discipline, it has expanded its focus to include the physical and virtual settings in which users interact with the machine. Specialties like human computer interaction, ubiquitous computing, gaming and visualization require an understanding not only of the logic of the machine, but also the logic of the user. Within architecture, there is a unique opportunity to develop students who will have the knowledge to lead the integration of the computer into architectural practice and research. As firms rely more and more on computation, those who know how to think, program and script will be able to change the way architects design and practice.

Program Director

Mr. Chris Beorkrem