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Early Childhood Mental Health (CERT)

The School of Social Work and Department of Special Education and Child Development, have created this joint certificate program focusing on children (birth to five years of age) and their families. Among other skills, graduates of this Certificate will be able to promote awareness about the importance of early childhood mental health, explain the relationship of social, cognitive, and communication development in young children and help to facilitate positive social‐communication skills between young children, parents, and other caretakers in a variety of settings.

Program Webpage http://socialwork.uncc.edu/master-social-work-msw/early-childhood-mental-health-graduate
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Robert Herman-Smith
Graduate Program Director Email: bherman@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-7180
Discipline(s): ,

Earth Sciences (MS)

The Master of Science in Earth Sciences gives students the opportunity for study and research in the areas of geology, hydrology, atmospheric science, remote sensing, spatial analysis and environmental science. The program offers graduate students personal guidance in field, laboratory, and computing facilities. The program offers a healthy combination of both field- and model-based Earth Science research as well as applied and academic research opportunities.

Program Webpage http://geoearth.uncc.edu/masters-programs/masters-earth-sciences
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Scott Hippensteel
Graduate Program Director Email: shippens@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-5992
Discipline(s): ,

Economics (Dual-Degree with Copenhagen Business School) (MS)

The Belk College of Business at UNC Charlotte and the Copenhagen Business School collaborate on this dual master’s degree program in Economics. Graduates of the program will receive both an Master of Science in Economics with an Economics/Finance concentration from UNC Charlotte, and a MSc in Economics and Business Administration, specializing in Applied Economics and Finance from Copenhagen Business School. Students will spend one academic year in each location.

Program Webpage http://globalbusiness.uncc.edu/graduate-programs/copenhagen-dual-degree-masters-program-economics
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Craig Depken
Graduate Program Director Email: cdepken@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-7484
Discipline(s): ,

Economics (MS)

The Master of Science in Economics is a comprehensive program combining economic analysis with advanced quantitative methods to prepare students for analytical management positions in a variety of industries. The program has a strong track record of placing alums in Fortune 500 firms, PhD programs, and government jobs. The M.S. Economics is a part of the Belk College of Business, an AACSB International accredited business program located in the second largest financial center in the U.S., giving students a unique networking opportunity while pursuing their degree. Students engage in a dynamic but flexible curriculum where they select a concentration to tailor the program to their specific interests, and have the opportunity for international study. The Master of Science in Economics at UNC Charlotte allows students to develop their research and analytical skills.

Program Webpage http://msecon.uncc.edu/
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Craig Depken
Graduate Program Director Email: cdepken@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-7484

Educational Leadership (Ed.D.)

The Ed.D. program in Educational Leadership is designed to prepare educational administrators who can assume mid-level and senior-level leadership positions in universities or community colleges, and public or non-public schools. The program includes three specializations: Higher Education, the Superintendency, and Curriculum & Supervision.

NOTE: the Superintendency and Curriculum & Supervision concentrations are not currently available to applicants while the faculty revisions the curricula and programs of study. Please check the program’s website for more information.

Program Webpage http://edld.uncc.edu/programs/doctor-education-educational-leadership
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Cathy Howell
Graduate Program Director Email: chowell22@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-8734
Discipline(s): ,

Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation (Ph.D.)

The Ph.D. in Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation prepares education professionals who seek advanced research, data analyses, and evaluation skills for positions in a wide variety of educational institutions including higher education, K-12 school districts, for-profit companies, nonprofit agencies, community colleges, think tanks, government organizations, and other institutions concerned with solving problems in education. The Ph.D. program targets experienced educators who hold a masters’ degree in a related educational field. Individuals that are attracted to the new program will seek to deepen their research skills for improving education programs. Other students may pursue the Ph.D. as a means of transitioning into a career in higher education.

Program Webpage http://edld.uncc.edu/programs/phd-educational-research-measurement-and-evaluation
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Chuang Wang
Graduate Program Director Email: cwang15@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-8708
Discipline(s): ,

Electrical & Computer Engineering (Ph.D.)

The Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering provides advanced knowledge and research experience in a chosen area of electrical and computer engineering. Successful doctoral candidates learn how to acquire advanced knowledge from published research articles, identify research problems, formulate plausible approaches to solve them, analyze and evaluate proposed solutions, and present technical material orally and in writing.

Program Webpage http://ece.uncc.edu/graduate-program/doctoral-program
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Abasifreke Ebong
Graduate Program Director Email: aebong1@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-0307

Electrical Engineering (MSEE)

The Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering provides students with the breadth of knowledge in Electrical and Computer Engineering and depth of knowledge in their chosen research area. The department is staffed with a prestigious faculty conducting research in various areas that include: Analog, mixed-signal, and RF electronic circuits; Communication and signal processing; Computer engineering; Control systems; Electromagnetics; Optoelectronics and microelectronics; and Power systems.

Program Webpage http://ece.uncc.edu/ece-graduate-program
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Abasifreke Ebong
Graduate Program Director Email: aebong1@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-0307

Elementary Education (MAT)

Become the teacher you have always wanted to be and earn a master’s degree in the process. UNC Charlotte’s Master of Arts in Teaching programs allow students to become a self-reflective master teacher, in addition to developing advanced competencies as a teacher-researcher and a teacher-leader.

Program Webpage http://www.pathwaytoteaching.com/graduate-programs
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Amy Good
Graduate Program Director Email: A.Good@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-8624

Elementary Education (MED)

The Master of Education in Elementary Education is designed for experienced teachers who wish to become instructional leaders, advanced practitioners, and global educators. Every course in the program is a 100% online course that is offered either synchronously with scheduled online class meetings or asynchronously with no scheduled class meetings. The program is directed towards helping practitioners to develop leadership skills as well as specialized content knowledge to effectively impact challenges in urban elementary classrooms. It is also focused on helping teachers acquire additional content knowledge and eligibility for additional certification through coursework in specific concentration areas, including Elementary Mathematics, Instructional Systems Technology, Gifted Education, and Teaching English to Second Language Learners.

Program Webpage http://reel.uncc.edu/elementary-education/med-elementary-educationk-6
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Amy Good
Graduate Program Director Email: A.Good@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-8624

Elementary School Mathematics (CERT)

The Elementary School Mathematics graduate certificate is an 18-hour web-based program that meets the requirements for the North Carolina Elementary School Mathematics Add-On License. Individuals applying to this graduate certificate must hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university and a valid teaching license in Elementary Education (Grades K-6).

Program Webpage http://distanceed.uncc.edu/programs/education/elementary-school-mathematics-graduate-certificate1
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Drew Polly
Graduate Program Director Email: Drew.Polly@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-8898

Emergency Management (CERT)

As part of the Master of Public Administration program, the graduate certificate in Emergency Management provides education and training for the public and nonprofit sectors, conduct scholarly and applied research to advance the field of public administration, and serve the community. Specialized training can be obtained in this certificate without having to pursue the MPA master’s degree.

Program Webpage http://mpa.uncc.edu/prospective-students/graduate-certificate
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Thomas Barth
Graduate Program Director Email: tbarth1@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-5937

Energy Analytics (CERT)

With the graduate certificate in Energy Analytics, students will be introduced to topics directly related to the energy industry, energy markets and energy value chain dynamics along with planning techniques and case studies from the energy industry. The graduate certificate may act as a standalone graduate option for post-baccalaureate and post-masters students, or may be pursued concurrently with a related graduate degree program at UNC Charlotte. The twelve credit hours in the certificate may be applied to the graduate programs in the Systems Engineering and Engineering Management (SEEM) department per approval of the department Program Director.

Program Webpage https://seem.uncc.edu/graduate-programs/graduate-certificate-energy-analytics/overview
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Tao Hong
Graduate Program Director Email: Tao.Hong@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-1957

Engineering Management (MS)

The Master of Science in Engineering Management prepares professionals for careers in managing projects, programs, systems, and organizations. Industrial, research, consulting, and commercial firms now demand engineering managers with both cutting-edge technical competence and the management skills necessary to forge linkages with the systems and business sides of these organizations. The program of study is multidisciplinary, combining elements of advanced study in various engineering disciplines with studies in business, system operations and organizational behavior. Through a flexible curriculum and concentrations, the program enables concentration areas such as Energy Systems, Lean Six Sigma, Logistics and Supply Chains, and Systems Analytics.

Program Webpage http://seem.uncc.edu/graduate-programs
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Tao Hong
Graduate Program Director Email: tao.hong@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-1957

Engineering: Civil Concentration (MSE)

The Master of Science in Civil Engineering offers a discipline-specific program of study to students who may not possess a baccalaureate degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Advanced course work and research are used to enhance professional development, improve technical competency, and initiate a life-long learning experience. The Department has ongoing collaborative research and student exchange programs with several international institutions.

Program Webpage http://cee.uncc.edu/graduate-program
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Srinivas Pulugurtha
Graduate Program Director Email: sspulugurtha@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-1233

Engineering: Mechanical Concentration (MSE)

The Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering offers a generic program of study for students who may not possess a baccalaureate degree in mechanical engineering. At the master’s level, the program is broad based, allowing students to develop expertise in a number of areas including metrology, precision engineering, bioengineering, motorsports and automotive engineering, energy engineering, manufacturing, thermal and fluid sciences, solid mechanics, instrument design, materials engineering and science, and mechanical control and instrumentation.

Program Webpage http://mees.uncc.edu/master-science-mechanical-engineering
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Tony Schmitz
Graduate Program Director Email: tony.schmitz@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-5086

English (MA)

The Master of Arts in English offers concentrations in literature, children’s literature, linguistics, English for specific purposes, composition/rhetoric, English education, technical and professional writing, and creative writing. The M.A. in English has developed a very strong profile not only within UNC Charlotte, but with programs and corporations across the United States. Our students graduate to pursue successful careers in commerce and education, or to move forward into the very best doctoral programs nationwide.

Program Webpage http://english.uncc.edu/graduate
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Lara Vetter
Graduate Program Director Email: lvetter@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-0616

Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CERT)

The Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation will give you a strong foundation in entrepreneurship and innovation, skill sets that are increasingly in demand. The certificate will give entrepreneurs (both those who seek to create independent ventures and those seeking to lead innovative transformation within existing corporations), a strong foundation to support current or future endeavors. Coursework in the certificate also provides a foundation that can be used to satisfy graduate business degree requirements in the future.

Program Webpage https://belkcollege.uncc.edu/programs/graduate-certificates/entrepreneurship-and-innovation-certificate
Graduate Program Director: Gary Kohut
Graduate Program Director Email: gfkohut@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-7651
Name on GradAdmissions Website: John Jones
Email on GradAdmissions Website: jjone432@uncc.edu
Phone # on GradAdmissions Website: 704-687-0815

Ethics (applied) (CERT)

The graduate certificate in Applied Ethics is of interest to three groups of students: (1) professionals working in areas of applied ethics; (2) students just beginning to explore graduate work in philosophy; and (3) students in other master’s and doctoral programs, such as biology, health administration, and public policy, who expect their careers to include work in applied ethics.

Program Webpage http://philosophy.uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Lisa Rasmussen
Graduate Program Director Email: lrasmuss@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-5238

Ethics & Applied Philosophy (MA)

The graduate program in Ethics and Applied Philosophy aims to deepen students’ understanding and mastery of historical and contemporary philosophical traditions. The student is invited to engage her graduate philosophical training with pressing societal issues. Our faculty’s research areas, and our close relationship with the Center for Professional and Applied Ethics, together provide unparalleled opportunity for our master’s and certificate students to augment their existing professional skills or train for further work in philosophy or other fields.

Program Webpage http://philosophy.uncc.edu/graduate
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Lisa Rasmussen
Graduate Program Director Email: lrasmuss@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-5238