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Game Design & Development (CERT)

The Game Design and Development graduate certificate provides graduate students with the opportunity to reach a demonstrated level of competence in game design and development. Course-work towards the certificate in GDD can be used towards the Master’s degree in Computer Science. However, its primary purpose is to provide a well-defined target for students who want to advance their knowledge of modern game design and development techniques and work with a variety of professionals, from artists to writers, to bring the vision for an interactive game or media product to life.

Program Webpage http://cs.uncc.edu/
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Dewan Ahmed
Graduate Program Director Email: dahmed@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-7888

Gender, Sexuality, & Womens Studies (CERT)

The Women’s and Gender Studies program at UNC Charlotte explores the ways that gender influences social structures and individual experience around the world. We view gender as a category of analysis that includes women, men, transgendered individuals, and other genders.

Program Webpage http://womensandgenderstudies.uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Kent Brintnall
Graduate Program Director Email: kent.brintnall@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-5188

Geography (MA)

The Master of Arts in Geography emphasizes the application of geographic skills, methods, and theory to problem solving in contemporary society. To this end, students are offered a solid foundation in research methods, problem formulation and solution, quantitative methods, computer applications and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Faculty and students are active in the community and students are encouraged to complete their programs with either funded or unfunded internships in the private or public sector.

Program Webpage https://geoearth.uncc.edu/masters-programs/masters-geography
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Harrison Campbell
Graduate Program Director Email: hscampbe@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-5997

Geography & Urban Regional Analysis (Ph.D.)

The Ph.D. in Geography and Urban Regional Analysis is focused on the theoretical and empirical analysis of metropolitan areas and their broader regional, national, and global contexts. At the core of the program is the recognition that cities are complex systems made up of environmental and human elements, with critical multiscalar interactions and outcomes. Although the processes and issues that frame urban-regional analysis are global in scope, the research lens of the program is focused on the United States, and, especially regional topics and research questions. The Charlotte area and other urban and metropolitan regions in the southeastern United States offer laboratories for examining economic, social, and environmental change processes that are at work across the world.

Program Webpage http://geoearth.uncc.edu/phd-programs/geography-and-urban-regional-analysis
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Heather Smith
Graduate Program Director Email: HEATSMIT@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-8959

Gerontology (CERT)

The graduate certificate in Gerontology is designed to provide supplementary graduate education in the field of Gerontology. The certificate is for those who already have a graduate degree in another field or those completing a graduate degree in another field who are interested in working with older adults.

Program Webpage http://gerontology.uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Anita Blowers
Graduate Program Director Email: anblower@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-0743
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Gerontology (MA)

The Master of Arts in Gerontology is designed to prepare graduates with the knowledge and skills to fill a wide variety of positions in the developing field of aging. The program provides a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary understanding of the processes of normal aging of the rapidly growing and diverse population of older adults in North Carolina, the U.S., and internationally.

Program Webpage http://gerontology.uncc.edu/graduate-programs
Graduate Program Director: Dr. Anita Blowers
Graduate Program Director Email: anblower@uncc.edu
Graduate Program Director Phone: 704-687-0743
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